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About Us
Trumed, based in Jacksonville, Florida is a company immersed in the healthcare industry – and, only the healthcare industry. We provide a high quality selection of medical supply products which are manufactured to the highest specifications and are tested both during the manufacturing process and in the field for durability, ease of use, and adhering to exacting standards.

The philosophy of Trumed encompasses unquestionable high customer service, from product presentation to order placement to final delivery and follow-up. Trumed’ s complete devotion to customer service means anticipation of customer needs both in product development and timely product delivery. Everything, from clear, easy to understand packaging to uncomplicated reordering puts Trumed ahead of all competitors.

Physician’s offices, dental practices, clinics, hospitals, medical and scientific laboratories as well as EMS first responders and all other types of care facilities are served by Trumed.

Company Vision

Trumed is a company of people meeting the needs of other people with unquestioned integrity and a high sense of service.

Trumed focuses on high performance in the healthcare industry, from meeting and exceeding customer expectations through dedicated customer service to presenting only the best and highly valued products at the most competitive price.

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